These Drills Mean Business!


Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, built-in shelves, custom cabinetry, decking or a beautiful stone walkway, Stephen can get it done.

Reliable with great references. Stephen Ehresman, Carpentry.

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Stephen was recommended by a friend, the best recommendation we ever had. He not only is an extraordinary craftsman, but someone who is a pleasure to work with. Stephen was… Adie and David Rubin

Adie and David Rubin

Stephen is amazing. He has the skills and knowledge for just about any job and has helped with dozens of renovations, installations and repairs at my vintage home, from installing… Anita Bartholomew

Anita Bartholomew

Stephen, whose combined carpentry and problem-solving skills make him the perfect ally for creative projects, met the challenges of designing, building and installing framing in curved niches for my Aquarium paintings at the Mudgett residence.

Beth Surdut

As an artist I had some distinctive ideas about opening my home spacially to the outdoors—I wanted to incorporate historical references–and I wanted to make the garden look as though… Gwen Fryer

Gwen Fryer